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Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 30 years of experience designing learning environments for persons with autism and development disabilities.

Workshop Schedule

ABA for Disability are hosting a two day workshop presented by Dr. Vincent J. Carbone July 10th and July 11th 2021

Registration is direct with ABA for Disability.

https://abafordisability.it/carbone/ (select the British flag for information in English)

For further information or to register, contact info@abafordisability.it

Day 1: Teaching Alternative Methods of Communication to Children with Autism


A substantial number of children with autism do not develop functional vocal verbal behavior. For these individuals alternative methods of communication are often taught in the form of manual sign language, picture/ icon selection or exchange systems and speech generating devices (SGDs). This workshop will provide a behavioral analysis of alternative methods of communication. The issue of selection and topography based verbal behavior will be discussed. Science based methods for increasing vocal responding will be presented along with video demonstrations of clinical applications of these procedures.

Day 2: The Role of the Motivation in Teaching Children with Autism


Michael (1993) refined the concept of the establishing operation (Keller & Schoenfeld, 1950) to include the conditioned surrogate, reflexive and transitive establishing operations (EO). The publication of Michael’s paper along with the terminological refinement to the motivating operation (MO) 10 years later has led to a substantial increase in publications on the topic related to the treatment of persons with autism. . The research over the past 30 years has demonstrated the important role of the conditioned MOs when teaching verbal behavior and other skills to children with autism in applied settings. The purpose of this workshop is to selectively review the literature on this topic and discuss clinical applications of the reflexive and transitive conditioned motivating operations in applied settings with children with autism. Video demonstrations of clinical applications will be presented in support of the discussion.